Colleges and Universities

Teachers' lounges and/or shared student areas, from the youngest student to the more experienced teachers, in our vending machines we offer a wide selection for all ages and tastes.


Vending en colegios y universidades Valencia

Our coffee machines offer the most complete service suiting the taste of both young and old, with Chocolate, Milk, Coffee, Decaf, Tea and even Irish Cappuccino. Of course, the glasses (plastic or cardboard), stirrers and sugar can be added according to your requirement.

Some snacks and refreshing drinks?

We have a very wide variety of products, and with that we can comply with the Food Safety and Nutrition Law, which prohibits the sale in schools and institutes, of foods and beverages with a high content of saturated fat acids, trans fat acids, salt and sugars. Healthy, variety and quality, the best offer in the right place.