Payment Methods

Nayax Methodos de pago Vending


Our machines can offer various payment methods:

  • Coins
  • Bills (5,10 and € 20)
  • Bank cards, contactless and mobile payment systems
  • Application

The payments with bank cards and mobile payments (boosted by covid 19) is growing more and more. We offer payment with options such as: contactless (visa and mastercard), online payments (google pay, apple pay, samsung pay, ali pay and paypal), mobile payment (bank card, the monyx app with which we can give discounts and offers)


The multiproduct vending machines have a drop sensor that detects if a product has been dispensed. If it has not been dispensed, the credit remains available on the screen, and can be used to purchase another product, or to return with the return button.

Every time we refill the machines, we do an inspection to avoid out of stock or technical failures. In case the client detects any anomaly, the machines have contact information by phone, whatsapp, email or via the contact form on this website to notify us. Our team will assess possible technical failures and, if appropriate, the refund of the amount.