The perfect machine to combine with the coffee. This machine can sell practically everything you want. Snacks, chocolates, chips, cookies, 0.33 and 0.5 liter soda cans or bottles, but also necessities, such as cigarette papers, lighters, locks, swimming caps or whatever.


Flexibility at your fingertips

The Palma + series offers maximum flexibility for product capacity and distribution thanks to its adjustable trays, possibility of two temperatures and 2 spindle rotation simultaneous to sell large products.

It also stands out for its large tempered glass front acting as an attractive showcase of products.

A 100% vandal-proof machine

Avoiding and preventing vandalism is key in public vending operations in which

Soda and snack machines are the star.

The Palma + HZ series has the control system iDetect that increases the satisfaction and reduces vandalism. Besides that, the collection drawer is designed to make the product area inaccessible.

The machine is practically a safe, thanks to the cabinet made of galvanized steel, the anti-lever system, the steel buttons and the triple with tempered glass front of the H category

Respectful with the environment

Palma + HZ has been designed under the rule of the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Reduce energy consumption to level A +.
  • Reuse machine through easy reconditioning
  • Recycle thanks to compliance with RoHS and WEEE regulations.

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Maquina de vending snacks grande
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